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People have spent over $1M buying virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain

On the ethereal name and a decentralized system, the cats that are bought and sold by crypt money are offered for sale by auction or mating methods.

CryptoKitties, which was introduced a few days ago, basically resembles the digital version of Pokemon cards everywhere. It began to grow rapidly as every concept catching the tendency to spread in the technology world.

The game of design studio AxiomZen in Vancouver and San Francisco is the latest fashion in the crypto money world. Maybe even in the general sense of technology world.

People are spending crazy money for this game. Until today, approximately $ 1.3 million was traded. Some of the sales kids are around 50ETH (about $ 23), while genesis-type keds are sold at 246 ETH ($ 113). Following the sales of the game, this site has listed the highest level of purchases ever made. As it is in every widespread vote, prices tend to increase rapidly in this vote, showing the characteristic of fluctuation. At the moment the cheapest cost of a cat is 0.03 etoh ($ 12). First of all, it should be noted that the game is played on the Ethereum blockchain, so there is no central unit where you control the game. So the cats become the true owners. Unlike the Neopets game where everything is gathered in a central database and your pet is killed in case of closure of the company, the Ethereum will continue to live on the blockchain forever, since it is not the CryptoKitties center.

The game is working on AxiomZen’s 5 Ethereum smart set. Users interact with this contract through their own Ethereum addresses. At this time, the easiest way to do this is to use the Chrome app called’MetaMask ‘, which allows you to send and receive Ethereum directly from your browser. Then you can go to the site of CryptoKitties, buy the kennels and start feeding.

As of now, 15% of the Ethereum network traffic is reserved for the game. This, of course, makes the game the most popular smart operation on the network. The second most popular application on the network is the popular decentralized coin taker application called EtherDelta, which has 8% networking. The way the game is played
The game features 100 ‘Founder Kittens’. At the same time, there is a genus of cats released every 15 minutes, called the new ‘Gen 0’. The prices of these kids are determined by taking the average of the last 5 keds sold and adding 50% to them. But this price is starting to fall within a 24 hour period. Until someone else buys your cat.

Besides, everyone has the right to sell kits by auction. After the start and end prices are determined for this sales type, your cat is starting to fall in price until it is purchased. For example, with one day auction, you can offer a sale with a closing price of 1 ETH and a closing price of 0 ETH. Let’s say some people will buy your kitten after 12 hours. In that case, you have to pay 5 ETH. You can also create cats with the ‘mating’ method, which the game calls ‘Siring’. You can put your cat to mate for a certain amount of ether. The cat that is put on the pairing can be mated with someone else’s cat. In this case, while you receive your payment in the form of ethereal, the person who is paying the pups also. Or you can pay for your cat to mate with someone else. In this case, while you take the pups, the other side takes the ether.

During the calm period, breeding a new cat can last from one hour to a week. The shorter the time, the better for you because you can sell the pups in a shorter time and go back to mating. So the cat, which has the shortest period of fever, is usually sold for more money. From all this, Axiom’s wife comes from hiding the ether from the first 100 cats sold. In addition, the collection of the money from the sale of newly produced cats sold every 25 minutes. At the same time, it costs 3.75% of all auction and mating operations. If you see your business with a smart contract directly without going to CryptoKitties’ website, you will not have to pay 3.75%.

There are general details about the game, but there are a few little nuances. This game features future plans and detailed information about the game.

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